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What are THV 11 in My Town sites?

While THV11 covers much of the state of Arkansas, we put a special focus on more directly covering 16 towns in central Arkansas. To help provide hyper-local news and information for residents in these areas, has devoted special web pages to better serve these communities. These My Town pages feature local businesses, restaurants, events, photos, and news that is specific to the area.

Where does the content come from?

Some stories on each website are posted by THV11 web producers. However, the beauty of community sites is that anyone can submit information to them! Community Content Producers (CCPs) can easily be set up with their own account and profile to post at any time. A THV11 producer will approve CCP content before it appears on the sites.

What can I post?

Stories can range from specific events to general blogs about your area. Many contributors upload press releases and formal notices, but you can also have fun with the account by sharing the following:
  • Photos or videos of events you've coordinated
  • Providing a first-hand account of your community's projects
  • Announcing a new member with the Chamber of Commerce
  • Providing event information
  • Just sharing things you like about your community from new flowers getting planted at the courthouse to urban wildlife found at a local park

The content and atmosphere you want to create for your organization or business is completely up to you. We like to see lots of content from you!

How do I get an account?

To get started, go to the community site you want to publish for, click "Log In" on the top right corner, and choose "Create an Account." Once you create an account, send an e-mail at, so we can give your account permission to post as a community content producer (CCP). Once you're approved, you can log on and go to your personal welcome page. From there, you can begin creating content, posting stories, and customizing your profile.

Sound off! Be a voice in your town:

  • Submit a Story - Send us a news tip or local story
  • Submit Events - Tell us what's going on in your town
  • Become a Community Blogger - Sign up for an account so you can submit regular content, -- upload pictures, and become a face for "THV 11 in My Town"
  • Advertise with Us - Reach your target audience with hyper-local marketing straight to the specific area you need

We like to see lots of content from you! Contact "THV 11 in My Town" producer, Amy Geswein, to set up an account, get started as a community blogger, or with any other general questions.

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