Every major movie premiere is star-studded, but the Alien: Covenant event in London was distinctly different.

The cast walked the red carpet alongside a rolling moonrover. And the red carpet was actually green - in honor of the subject matter.

Evening’s Kim Holcomb attended the global premiere inside the historic Odeon in Leicester Square.

She also talked to star Katherine Waterston about her aversion to watching horror films. The actress asked the premiere audience if anyone had a flask of alcohol they could share.

“Yeah, the audience laughed. I'm like, ‘I'm not joking. I'm really looking for something to shoot!’” she said.

“So now that you have seen it, what adult beverage audiences partake in before they see it?" Holcomb asked.

"Maybe not tequila because that's an upper, so maybe something that calms you down a little?” Katherine replied. “Or maybe just some chamomile tea? I don't mean to push booze on the audience. But probably not like fish stew or something you might not want to see again.”

Alien: Covenant is rated R and opens May 19.