LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) – Despite the freezing temperatures, thousands of fans turned out for the Katy Perry tour at Verizon Arena Friday.

Katy Perry is one of many artists that have recently made the stop in the capitol city. Fans said they were excited more artists like her are coming to town

“I never thought she’d come here, really. Because it’s such a small town, never thought she’d come here. But to find out when she did, it’s amazing,” Lauren Cyr said.

Cyr said she would have to travel to see her favorite artists. The last time Katy Perry toured, she traveled to Memphis for the weekend.

“I just screamed whenever I heard she was going to come here I did. It was worth it. I just never thought she’d come here though,” she said. “We’re glad she came here to Little Rock and we’ll hope she’ll come back again.”

Local businesses in Little Rock also get excited when big artists come to town. Restaurants like The Fold use the busy night to their advantage.

“Just like when the Dixie Chicks when they came it was really big, the Beatles, anything that’s kind of bigger name, it really affects the restaurants,” Abbey Rolfe with The Fold said.

The restaurant created Katy Perry themed drinks for the night. Rolfe said the special menu was a hit and brought in big revenue.

“It’s been huge, people text messaging me personally saying, ‘Can we make me a reservation tonight? Even though we don’t take reservations,” she said.

The drinks included special garnishes like cupcakes and lots of candy.

"The “Kitty Purry” has a mini cupcake like the bra that she wore in one of her music videos. We have the “Left Shark” - like the dancer that became famous - and then we have the “Vanilla Perry” which is a pear margarita as well has a lollipop and glitter on the rim,” Rolfe said.

Rolfe said the night was such a hit, they want to start doing more artist themed menus.

“A lot of people are just coming to have fun with the event, even if they aren’t going to the concert,” Rolfe said.

The next big concert at the Verizon Arena is next Saturday, Jan. 20, when country music legend Alan Jackson takes the stage.