LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - A third grader named Jackson tried to use a plumber’s helper to help suck out more brain power.

Okay, okay, this was actually a fun moment during the l Latest stop on the Craig O’Neill Reading Roadtrip.

Right across the street from Robinson Elementary School, the construction continues on their new middle school which gets more impressive every day.

At Robinson, you don’t actually need any help extracting brain power, the school will do it for you. There are examples everywhere in the school. Example, in honor of their 100th day, they listed 100 of their favorite nouns.

They wrote short stories about what it’s like to be 100. They had cut out depictions of what it would be like to launch themselves with balloons and on and on and on.

Reading a book to the second and third grade became a part of this cerebral celebration. The kids were excited by the books, and the fact Valentine's parties are Wednesday and a day off is coming Friday with parent/teacher conferences.

The children are bound to be imaginative.