LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Now sometimes if you’re thinking of building a masonry wall, but you still have a lot of hardscape around that wall, you might want to soften it by creating a living wall.

That’s exactly what we did at this house. We had a situation where the existing wall was a hundred years old and it did not stand the test of time. We had to tear it down. With that said we had a great opportunity to create a planter box wall.

So we planted all the these wintergreen boxwoods. What’s great about these boxwoods are we let them get about three foot tall and then they become our living wall. What makes it look like a wall are our end cap columns, and better yet since we didn’t have original lighting we were able to wire these new columns with these great lanterns, which actually mimic the original light fixtures of this house almost a hundred years ago.

Now that space is alive, it’s green, it’s just more lighter visually and to the eye.

But what I also like is the concrete we had to pour. Instead of doing regular concrete, we went with the color of the roof which happens to be a red terra cotta tile. We added a dye in the concrete and it ads such a punch against the white wall and thus the green box woods.

Now from the street and right up front to the house visually this house stands out from all the other homes in the neighborhood.