LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- Do you know what’s the number one concern that people have when Chris H. Olsen designs their yards? That is drainage.

So many of us have drainage issues. Some issues are easy to solve, some of them aren’t, and to be honest with you most drainage solutions are never one hundred percent, usually.

At this house we had a problem. We have a low front yard and we had a lot of drainage areas so we used that to our advantage. Olsen said that it’s like his dad always said, endless possibilities. So we went ahead and created a drainage swell with large river rock, which pretty much will not wash away unless you have a lot of wash, and we also did flagstone stepping stones. So you can walk through this.

Functionally it becomes a nice pathway, at the same time functionally it takes care of our water and drainage issue. You can even put a French drain underneath this and a drainage basin if you had to, to take away water even quicker and expel it to the lowest part of your property.

Now another problem we had was access to this backyard which also had a water issue. Instead of doing river rock because the water flows too quickly it would wash the river rock away, we went ahead to big pieces of flagstone.

It created a drainage slash pathway and it works wonderful. The water goes down but you can use it for lawnmowers can come down. Wheel barrows and two or three people can walk at a time.

So remember when it comes to drainage, think about using natural elements like flagstone and river rock. Either do it all flagstone or mix the two elements for the perfect look.