LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - All moms want to give their babies the best, but finding it isn't always easy.

After becoming mothers, Casey Rackley and Alison Metzler realized a lot of items they needed were hard to find. So they founded ROCKlittle to address the gap.

"We noticed when we both became moms that there is such a need for unique items [and they] aren't really on Amazon and the big hitters," said Rackley.

Launched in November 2017, they chose to make ROCKlittle an online store so they could help mothers both within and outside of Little Rock.

"We wanted to be able to...make it available to our friends and families that need it," said Rackley.

Though online, they recognize Little Rock as their primary base and do their best to cater to local moms.

"We try to make customer service number one. You can purchase online and pick-up in Beehive in the Pleasant Ridge town center, or we can do local delivery," said Metzler.

The ladies say their store features toys that are soft for "when mom and dad step on them" as well as high-quality clothing that is "soft to the touch."

"We really wanted to find things that were unique but also versatile and just felt good," said Metzler. "They're things you want to put on your baby and it's not just your normal cotton."

Some of their clothing items feature bamboo, which Metzler described as soft and stretchy.

They also offer a personal shopping service.

"You can contact us and we can curate a little box for you. Give us an age, a price point that you want to spend and we can put something together for you and deliver it," said Metzler.

If you're interested in buying from them you can visit their website or connect with them on Facebook or Instagram.

You can also see ROCKlittle in the Easterseals Fashion show on March 1.