During the holiday season, people typically generate more garbage than normal.

Between all the new stuff in boxes, wrapping paper and old decorations, your garbage can is full before you know it.

Something else you might not realize, things you're throwing in the trash can actually be recycled, even cooking oil.

People love fried turkey, but you have to use a lot of oil to fry a turkey. Hillsborough County actually has a program to recycle this oil. It's called CORE: the Cooking Oil Recycling Effort and they have about 20 drop-off locations scattered across the county.

That oil can then be used to produce biodiesel gas, and incorporated into animal feed. Whatever you do with it, Hillsborough County's Recycling Coordinator Travis Barnes says oil should never go down the drain.

But there are several things to recycle this time of year.

"People are buying a lot of new things, all that packaging material. Most of the packaging is recyclable, so everyone that's doing their Amazon shopping online, all those boxes are recyclable," Barnes said. "The holiday catalogs that you get, most of the wrapping paper. The key is that you put it in your recycling bin loose and not bagged."

Here are some links to the county and city recycling sites that will help guide you about what you can and can't recycle.

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