LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Are you guilty of dropping off things at the last minute?

Don't be the family member or friend whose gifts didn’t get delivered on time for Christmas this year. There's still time, so get to it!

Last minute shippers still have some options, but they're limited. The pressures on nationwide to make sure packages get delivered for the holiday.

“There's always something last minute, it never fails. My wife and I are both busy work and there's always one or two things,” said a customer at one UPS in Little Rock.

Procrastinators are rushing against clock, all hoping to meet the Christmas deadline.

"I finally finished my shopping and made some last-minute decisions, so I put it all in the box. I knew it had to be out today so it could get half way across the country,” another shipper said.

Everyone knows the later you wait the more you may have to pay to insure your package gets to its destination before the big day.

“Little extra cost involved, but it's worth it,” said another.

Even with the large “out of pocket” possibilities, owner of the UPS store on Chenal and Cantrell, Therese Cheatham, knows the rush isn’t slowing down any time soon.

Some customers are willing to spend whatever it takes.

"I just wanted to make sure it was all done so my niece and nephew would have it on Christmas day and not two days later, like their birthdays were,” a customer said.

“There’s a trust factor that works into it,” said Cheatham.

She thinks her team can handle anything and takes pride in providing them quality, trustworthy, service every year.

“We're telling people that if you need it there by Christmas, ground shipping is really not an option. Second day air is what a lot of people are using so they have that pack and ship guarantee. Those dates are guaranteed, so if their package is late they will receive money back,” she added.

Packages dropped off at UPS tomorrow and even Friday may still make it out, as some cities do accept Saturday delivery.

Truck drivers are in and out of the store several times a day, picking up shipments until 6 at night.