While most of us are getting ready to be surrounded by friends and family for Thanksgiving, not everyone has a home to go to. That’s why organizations, churches and homeless centers step up this time of year to make sure everyone has the chance to get a thanksgiving meal.

"That would be one of the days we give the most thanks and we show it abundantly," volunteer Carla Brazil said.

The Little Rock Compassion Center has volunteers like Brazil getting dinner ready for the nearly 1,000 people they plan to feed on Thanksgiving day.

"A warm meal on a cold day along with a lot of love can help a person turn their life around," said Pastor William Holloway with the Little Rock Compassion Center.

Preparation is also a top priority at Watershed where Little Rock Central High School’s Gentlemen’s Club volunteered Wednesday, Nov. 22.

Thanks to 250 turkey donations, Watershed will be able to feed nearly 3,000 people.

"Life happens and sometimes it doesn't go right for everyone and the people it does go right for, you should help others, uplift others, in their time of need," said Tzion Saine, high school volunteer from Little Rock Central.