LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — It's a tradition to lay wreaths on the graves of fallen soldiers around the holidays, but sometimes there aren't enough wreaths for every grave.

Larry Pagan is a combat veteran of the United States Army. He said in a Facebook post that there are 6,000 heroes that don't have wreaths on their headstones in the Little Rock National Cemetery. He implored people to help him by donating wreaths that he vowed he would place before Christmas.

We caught up with him at the cemetery, living up to his word. As he laid a wreath on a stone he uttered the person's last name. He said he could at least say their names, even if he didn't know them.

He bought 100 himself and dared the public to match him.

"These are my brother, my sisters," Pagan said. "They'd do it for me."

He said he is going back the morning of Dec. 21 with 25 more boxes.