A boy who lost his leg to cancer found his dream dog with three legs.

It's a friendship between a boy and a dog you can only describe as fate. At 12-years-old, Quinn Scharn is a two-time cancer survivor.

"He had two different kinds of cancers," said Teresa Howell, Scharn's mother. "He was first diagnosed as a baby, went through a year of chemo, many operations, six weeks of radiation when he was two."

Two years ago, Scharn faced another battle with cancer and he had to get his leg amputated. While in the hospital, he had a big wish.

"On the day of the surgery, I wanted a three-legged dog," Scharn said.

It took a lot of searching, but the stars aligned a few days ago. His mom saw a Facebook post of Logan, a three-legged dog at the Front Street Animal shelter.

After both Quinn and Logan met for the first time, his mom got emotional knowing Logan needed to be part of the family especially after everything that her son went through.

"The kid's things go through in treatment it's very hard to watch especially if it's your child and for anyone who knows Quinn," Howell said. "He's pretty inspiring."

Quinn is finished with treatments and physical therapy. Now he and his mom have a new adventure ahead with their new family member like some training.