LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — Indulgences by Body Bronze suddenly shut down Monday, now customers want answers and their money.

Customers, Cassie Spann and Magan Gray, said they're out hundreds of dollars.

“My husband back in November bought me the Winter Special, all together with what I bought for my boss and what my husband bought me is over $200,” Gray said.

“I am out almost $500. I purchased the package on November the 30th and none of that package had been used. And I had an appointment for this past Monday,” Spann said.

Gray said she tried to get ahold of the spa several times.

“The website is shut down and no one is answering the phones. I even found the owner's Facebook and tried to reach out to her. And she has since deleted her Facebook,” she said.

Spann said she was still getting confirmation calls and texts over the weekend for her appointment.

The voicemail went like this, “hey Cassie, this is Joel with Indulgences and I'm calling to confirm your appointment with Indulgences Monday afternoon at 2:30.”

Spann said she also got a text confirmation Monday morning for her appointment that day.

Customers aren't the only ones in shock, employees say when they came to work Monday morning they had no idea either and found out because of a sign that said “permanently closed” on the front door.

Spann and Gray said they want the owner to fix the mess she's made.

“A lot of these were gifts for Christmas and you can't ungift someone, she is taking people's presents away,' Spann said.

“I want answers about getting the money back and I know everyone else does that's been affected, all we want is our money back,” Gray said.

The Arkansas Attorney General's office says it is "aggressively" investigating more than 20 complaints about the spa. If you prepaid for services, you're asked to contact the AG's office. Their phone number is 501-682-2007. You can also email them.