You've shopped with them, you've likely consumed multimedia through them and they now want you to consume food ... on them! Some new pricing from the retail giant has the brand ready for your kitchen.

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While you may be aware Amazon makes hundreds of products and manufacturers them on their own like the Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo, did you know also makes dinnerware? Seriously.

Without trying to sound like an advertisement for Amazon, I will tell you we were stunned to learn that Amazon Basics dinnerware is the top quality dinnerware that money can buy.

While I may hold little credibility in the kitchen, I collaborated with Master Chef Junior's Zac Kara who now has his own cookbook, numerous accolades and an awesome YouTube Channel. You'd think someone who has cooked for Gordon Ramsay knows his plates. Check out Zac's reaction right here - and no, he was not paid by Amazon.

The AmazonBasics 16 piece dinnerware set includes:

- AB Grade Porcelain lightweight plates, bowls and mugs
- Microwave and dishwasher safe
- BPA Free
- Incredibly durable in all of our tests
- Contemporary style
- Ideal for students, couples and families
- Terrific house warming gift

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