A local mom is warning parents: NEVER let your toddlers on trampolines.

Kaitlin Hill's post - showing her 3-year-old son in a cast covering half his body - has been shared more than 235,000 times.

Hill says Colton broke his femur while jumping on a trampoline at SkyZone Trampoline Park during a session reserved to toddlers.

Seth Gasser, vice president, director of sports medicine at Florida Orthopedic Institute: "My first thought was how upset and distraught this young guy looked."

"Children under the age of 6 should not participate in any trampoline activity due to their increased risk of injury," Gasser said. "If you go by the American Academy of Pediatric Recommendations, they would say don't buy a trampoline or use it at all."

Hill says she didn't know about the recommendations or see such a warning on "Toddler Time" advertising at Skyzone.

SkyZone Trampoline Park, where the child was injured, said in a statement:

The recent incident involving a minor at Sky Zone Tampa did not occur the way it has been portrayed in the media. We have made the Guest's family aware of our findings and we are providing their representatives with video footage of the incident. Guest safety remains our priority.

Regardless of how it happened, the toddler is still recovering.

As for why toddlers are at higher injury risk on trampolines, Gasser said, "Younger kids first of all don't have good muscle control or coordination to be safe on trampoline and their bones are weaker and more prone to fracture."

Ericka Ruppert, a mother who took her kids to another trampoline park with a toddlers-only session, says she didn't know about the recommended minimum age for trampolines, but she planned to keep taking her children there.

"The only thing I worry about is the little ones mixed in with the bigger kids. so I do worry about collisions," she said.

Hill hopes other mothers will hear her story and avoid similar injuries.

Gasser said, "They can be serious injuries. there's an average of one death a year in this country from a trampoline injury, usually from a head and neck injury.":

When it comes to recovery time, the doctor says those waist-down casts are usually on for about six weeks.