You can never be too sure there aren't scary, prickly monsters in your new home - especially if you're 4 years old.

Young Sidney and her family have moved to a new place in Longmont - and Sidney had a little extra help checking under the couch cushions for uninvited guests.

According to her mom, Megan, Sidney went up to Officer Bonday and asked if he'd come by and help her sweep the house for monsters last Sunday.

He delivered.

Sidney's mom posted two videos to Facebook detailing the event: the first shows the pair walking the yard and checking different plants and the second showing Officer Bonday and Sidney checking under couch cushions.

"Hey, you are super, super brave," Officer Bonday can be heard saying. "This is awesome!"

And this isn't her first interaction with police. Her mom says as soon as Officer Bonday left, Sidney was "on cloud 10" and talking about how she couldn't wait to grow up, become a police officer, and catch monsters.

Her mom tells 9NEWS that over the last year she's brought police Halloween candy, pie for Thanksgiving and cookies at Christmas.

Sidney is on her way! She may only be 4 years old, but that's one fantastic police uniform! Nice work, Officer Bonday - and future officer Sidney!