NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA -- One of planet Earth's most unique creatures, the duck-billed platypus, may have been the target of deliberate killings, wildlife officials in Australia reported Monday.

The Huffington Post Australia said on Tuesday that two of the three dead platypuses were found decapitated at the Albury Botanic Gardens in New South Wales.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services said in a statement that the killings happened over the past five weeks and were "a despicable act of cruelty to one of Australia's most loved animals."

NPWS talked to The Huffington Post Australia and said that the platypuses' "heads were removed with a sharp object." The third platypus was not decapitated.

Multiple agencies are seeking more information on the dead platypuses. If a suspect is captured, they face a possible fine of $11,000 and or six months in prison.