SAN ANTONIO (AP) - The temperature in San Antonio had been in the 90s just before eight people were found dead in a tractor-trailer outside a Walmart store.

Authorities say several other people were found alive in the truck, which didn't have a working air conditioning system despite the blistering summer heat. Those people have been hospitalized.

Police say it's a horrific human trafficking case and the driver has been arrested.

Police say a Walmart employee was approached in the parking lot by a person from the truck who was asking for water late Saturday night or early Sunday morning. Police say the employee gave the person the water and called for help. They say responding officers found the people in the tractor-trailer.

The National Weather Service says the temperature in San Antonio hit 101 degrees just before 5 p.m. Saturday and didn't dip below 90 degrees until after 10 p.m.