MOUNT HOLLY, N.C. -- A bystander chose to take action on Thursday evening when she witnessed a man carrying a dog by the collar around its neck.

Pawsitive Impact NC Dog Rescue was contacted about the incident and posted the images on Facebook in order to bring awareness to animal cruelty.

The post said that the bystander confronted the man when she saw the way he was treating the dog and he told her to mind her own business.

The woman then took action and called the Mount Holly Police Department and waited for their arrival, according to the post.

NBC Charlotte spoke with Gaston County Animal Control who said that the dog's owner was getting ready to groom the dog when the dog took off. The man in the photographs told authorities that the dog tends to bite and that he believed this was the best way to contain the dog.

The man was instructed that this is not the proper way to handle a dog and was cited for animal cruelty which includes a $250 fine. This was his first offense.

The dog is okay and was evaluated after the incident.

Gaston County Animal Control is not releasing the name of the man.