PHOENIX - Remember the good old days when you could see a live show without people holding up their cell phones to record the show?

Those days could be returning as more and more entertainers ban the use of cell phones.

Comedian Chris Rock is one of those performers.

Fans attending his Total Blackout show Saturday night at Comerica Theatre will be required to lock up their phones. No pictures or recordings of any kind will be allowed.

According to the theater's website, all phones and smart watches will be secured in Yondr pouches.

This is how it works:
• You'll be given a pouch to slide your phone in
• Staff will lock it and give it back to you
• You'll be able to take the phone into the venue. You just can't access it during the performance
• The pouch will be unlocked after the show

Many performers like Chris Rock do it to prevent distractions as well as protect their work. After all, they've got CDs and DVDs to sell and wouldn’t want a show to end up online.

Yondr is the company that makes the pouch. They say it's an easy process.

“I think once you explain to people they get to hold on to their devices and at the end of the night it's a really quick process to get them unlocked. They sort of know it’s a necessary thing to keep the show from being recorded and to create a better environment inside the venue,” said Travis Bill with Yondr, who spoke to our sister station WTLV in Jacksonville, Florida, where comedian Dave Chappelle was performing earlier this year.

So when you leave the Chris Rock show, you'll have plenty of memories to share with your friends. They'll just have to take your word for it.