NAVASOTA, Texas - It was a packed room as Gena and Chuck Norris cut the ceremonial grand opening ribbon at the launch party for their newest venture CFORCE Bottling Company.

The company which the Norris' call a "God given miracle", was founded in 2015 after hitting an artesian well while attempting to water their hay fields.

"Upon the third well that was drilled, we ended up hitting this artesian well, and it was spilling 168,000 gallons of water a day," said CFORCE CEO Gena Norris.

From there CFORCE was born. The 43,000 square feet Navasota facility houses state of the art bottling equipment, which allows the water to travel directly from the source, to the bottling plant remaining untouched by man until consumption.

"Our water is over 23,000 years old and it dates back to the last ice age," said Gena.

While the Norris' will profit form this new water venture, the couple says they are more focused on giving back and using profits to provide resources for the local community and their non-profit organization Kick Start Kids.