LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports that nearly 20 Americans are physically abused by a partner every minute. Little Rock Police don’t just respond to domestic abuse calls but are trying to tackle the problem.

Police deal with these calls multiple times a day, that’s why the Little Rock Police Foundation donated $2,000 to a shelter, Women and Children First.

Last year more than 600 women and children came to Women and Children First for help.

"We house them from domestic violence, sexual assault [and] human trafficking," said Angela McGraw, Executive Director for Women and Children First.

They see it every day and so do police.

"It’s something we as a foundation have turned our attention to," said Timothy Anderson, Chairman for Little Rock Police Foundation. “Look back at some of the issues our city has had especially in the last several years, much of it has to do with domestic violence."

This year alone, LRPD has responded to 2,884 domestic violence calls. That’s an average of at least eight a day.

McGraw believes with victims trying to keep the peace on top of financial burdens, the holidays sometimes get busier at the shelter.

"It seems like people are walking on eggshells a little bit during the holiday season so they come in more often," said McGraw.

Even with the startling numbers, statistics show that most domestic abuse cases never get reported. That’s why places like Women and Children First show people they're not trapped and there is a place to go for help.