The Little Rock Police Department still has 77 vacancies. That’s why they're hoping a new campaign will help reach potential recruits, especially recruits who will help mirror the population of the city.

"They really have to compete in order to bring the best and the brightest here in Little Rock," said Natalie Ghidotti, CEO of Ghidotti Communications.

A marketing campaign with a $150,000 budget hopes to show those interested in law enforcement what the department can offer.

"We need to broaden our reach so we can target more people and a campaign like this allows us to target some people who have shown interest," said Lamor Williams, spokesperson for the City of Little Rock.

The city selected Little Rock based marketing agency, Ghidotti Communications.

"Their creative vision seemed to fit best with what we were looking for," said Williams.

They want a police force that reflects the community, which means more women and minorities.

“We call Little Rock home and we want this to be a safe wonderful place for people to live so we're excited to be a part of this to help tell the story of the Little Rock Police Department because it is a great place to work," said Ghidotti.

City Manager Bruce Moore signed off on the contract, but it won’t be finalized until it goes before the City Board of Directors in a few weeks.