SEARCY, Ark. (KTHV) — Kaytlin and Ben Robinson have been married for seven years, they've been preparing for a baby for five, but their dreams of happily ever after took an unexpected turn.

“We were trying and nothing was happening and we gave it about a year and we went to the doctor and had some tests run and got a phone call and they practically said that we don't have any hope for biological children,” Kaytlin said.

Instead of dwelling on the bad news, Kaytlin decided to use her business, Joyful Macarons, as a helping hand to children and families in need.

“We know that God is faithful and we are going to get our bundle of joy one day somehow but in the meantime we use Joyful macarons to help nonprofit organizations,” she said.

Every month, Kaytlin and her mom find an organization to give some of the proceeds from their business to.

“We give to the call house and foster families; we will donate diapers, wipes, whatever they need. We usually go to Walmart and clear out the shelves, we've bought cribs for families and bunk beds. There's an organization called Option Pregnancy Center that we have donated to as well,” she said.

Kaytlins said she'll continue to wait for her right time because she knows God has a plan for her.

“This is hard and I have hard days and when you go to festivals, concerts, and events and you're giving these kids these macarons, it makes you happy but you also think, "I can't wait until that's me." I will wait as long as I need to until we've helped who we need to,” she said.

Kaytlin works out of her home, you can find her on Facebook by searching Joyful Macarons. You can pick up orders from her house and she delivers locally. You can find Kaytlin and her mom at Searcy festivals and farmers markets.