It's the day every girl dreams of: standing at an alter, in an expensive dress, with your hair done, and your nails done, with the glow of a fake tan radiating off your skin, and when it's all over, you walk down the aisle on the arm of a guy in a tuxedo.

Yes, you are a bridesmaid.

The title is a true honor. Remember in the early 2000s when MySpace wanted you to rank your Top 8 friends? It's like that, but someone else tells you how to dress and how to do your hair for all the pictures. You have the privilege of being one of the of the few friends who gets to stand by the bride's side. You've watched and been a a part of so many other phases in her life, and on this day, that tradition continues.

With all of that said, you probably just paid $300 for the dress you're wearing, and several more dollars for the nails, hair and tan... and the bachelorette party, wedding shower, hotel rooms, plane tickets, gifts and maybe even the shoes.

And so begins Next's new series, Confessions of a ____. Courtney and Paula (names have been changed) joined us to kick off Confessions. They didn't hold back about why being in a wedding really can kind of suck. You can watch their Confession in the video above.

We want Confessions to be a place for you to gripe -- a platform for you to vent about whatever it is that's grinding your gears lately. Almost no topic is off limits.

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