LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — The Little Rock Police Department started mandatory overtime in August to help cut down on crime in the city.

Officer Steve Moore with the Little Rock Police Department said the mandatory overtime has done the city some good.

“In August we were at 43 homicides and that's about the time we started the mandatory overtime and since then we've had ten, that's not the only reason it's dropped, but I think it's had an impact,” he said.

But all of this overtime is costing the city money.

“So in 2018 to alleviate paying all of this overtime, we're going to go to twelve hour shifts,” Moore said.

This will not only help the city's budget but give every officer a chance to have weekends off, which in return, could help with recruiting.

“With the twelve hour shifts the way that's going to rotate is every other weekend everybody will get a chance to have some weekends off,” he said.

A 12 hour shift change isn't the only new thing happening to the Little Rock police department next year.

Mayor of Little Rock, Mark Stodola, said the city board unanimously approved their 208 million dollar budget for 2018 Tuesday evening, among the changes, a salary raise for Little Rock police officers.

“Our uniform employees, police and fire will receive a three percent raise,’ he said.

Mayor Stodola said the officer shortage is getting fixed and this raise can only help.

“We've got 81 that we've hired this year and we've got over 40 starting in a class in February. We're working very hard to take care of that shortage and there's only 20 vacancies right now,” he said.
Little Rock fire is also receiving a three percent salary increase in 2018. Parks and sanitization workers are getting a 2.8 percent raise and non-uniform employees are getting a one percent raise