SEDONA, Ariz. - A woman was arrested Wednesday for allegedly stealing over $100,000 from clients while serving as a licensed fiduciary and caretaker, Yavapai County Sheriff's Office said.

From January 2016 to last May, 39-year-old Krista Cline transferred money from two clients' accounts for her personal use, according to YCSO. Both clients had disabilities and Cline was the only person who had access to their finances at the time.

The first victim was a woman living in a special needs care home at the time Cline was stealing from her. From September 2016 to January, when the woman died, Cline stole over $76,000 from her. According to YCSO, Cline continued to transfer money from the victim's accounts to her personal accounts even after the victim had died.

From January 2016 to March, Cline transferred over $30,000 to her personal accounts from a disabled male client. YCSO said Cline moved $16,500 from the first victim's accounts to his account to maintain control of the funds. The man noticed the deposit and notified the bank which shed light on Cline's behavior.

The man fired Cline in March and accused her of theft, YCSO said.

The Adult Protective Services asked Cline to cooperate in an investigation and she refused. APS reported Cline's behavior to YCSO in May.

YCSO said Cline met with a case detective Wednesday and denied knowledge or responsibility of the money transfers.

Cline booked at the Camp Verde Detention Center on charges including fraudulent schemes and theft. She has since been released after posting a $7,500 bond.