An ex-boyfriend and former Queen Creek school coworker is accused of sending nude photos from a school employee's email address to more than 350 school employees.

Police used information from the Canyon State Academy's email server to track the July 11 email's origin to Brandon Castle, 28.

The victim told police the photos were not of her. She said she and Castle had dated for about a year, ending the relationship last May.

She told investigators that Castle had threatened other employees at the academy, and that she had obtained an order of protection against him because he would not leave her alone.

The victim also said that Castle had earlier used her phone to post a screenshot of a personal conversation she had with another male employee.

Investigators got the IP address from the device that sent the email, then found that it matched the IP address for Castle's phone.

Police arrested Castle last Wednesday in Chandler. He told them that he had his phone on July 11 but had no memory of sending emails, possibly due to medication he was taking.

He faces one count of computer tampering.