LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - Hillcrest residents are disgusted after repeatedly finding fecal matter in their driveways, back doors and shoved into their door handles. This week it happened to a family twice.

The issue may seem odd or funny but for the community it is no laughing matter. They are concerned the man's behavior may escalate.

"It's completely unsanitary. It's very disgusting. It's a huge health hazard. It's vile,” said Hillcrest resident Tiffany Mattzela.

Most believed it was a neighborhood dog with irresponsible owners until they pulled the surveillance video.

"[He] approached our home, [went] in between the cars, squatted down, relieved himself and then promptly ran away,” said Mattzela. "We actually had to re-watch it a couple of times to make sure that was actually what we were seeing and it was."

Mattzela and her fiancé used the Next Door App to warn neighbors about what happened. They pleaded with the man to come back and clean it up, no questions asked. He didn't.

At least a half dozen Hillcrest neighbors said they're having similar experiences.

One neighbor commented that he was able to identify the man. On Jan. 2, the community sent the alleged suspect a letter pleading with him to stop the behavior and to seek help.

"Then, on the morning of the third, I came out to my car...absentmindedly reach[ed] for the handle and was surprised when there was something in there," Mattzela said. "I look down at what it is and it is soiled paper towels that someone had put in the handle of my door."

Mattzela says she is worried that his behavior could escalate.

"I'm worried that it goes beyond a prank or a joke or something that might be funny, to some serious issues," she said.

Mattzela reported the information to the Little Rock Police. The police declined to comment on this investigation.

If found, the man would be facing criminal mischief charges, a misdemeanor that would result in a fine.