LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — An investigator for the Arkansas County Prosecutor's Office, Charles David Chastain, appeared in Federal Court Thursday, Dec. 21 for a bond hearing. He's charged with “Interference of Commerce by Threat of Violence.”

According to U.S. Attorney of the Eastern District of Arkansas' office, he was a law enforcement officer that operated confidential informants. It alleges he was using that position in law enforcements to direct informants to do illegal activity for his benefit.

Chastain allegedly directed those informants to steal an ATV and guns for his personal benefit. He allegedly also used the informants to purchase a stolen truck from a known drug trafficker in Stuttgart.

When the FBI served the search warrant on his address, they found the ATV, guns, truck and an eighth of an ounce of meth in his possession.

Chastain was issued a bond. He will be required to live with his mother in Stuttgart, wear an electronic monitoring device, and have mental health evaluation as part of that bond.

Chastain's wife testified he is a decorated Army veteran allegedly diagnosed with PTSD. She said he takes anxiety and depression medication following a brain injury from an IED explosion.