Two years ago, Maranda Goldman disappeared from a busy shopping center. Around a month later, her body was found three miles away, dumped in a wooded area. It was another three months before her death was ruled a homicide.

Since then, February of 2016, there have been few updates in the murder of Maranda Goldman. Her family hopes that will change soon.

"She was a fighter. She wouldn't have went down easily, but with the way that she was laid out in that field, with the phone in her hand; somebody that didn't know her, I just don't think that's the way she'd been left,” Sandy Goldman said of her daughter, Maranda.

There were no signs of a struggle when Maranda’s car was found at the Goodwill in Pine Bluff, where she was due for a job interview that October afternoon.

"It was someone that she knew that took her life and I just hope and pray that God took her from this before something really really bad happened to her during that almost month and a half,” Sandy told us, explaining Maranda had come face-to-face with her demons, and was on the straight and narrow.

The job she was interviewing for was just one way she was working to turn her life around.

"She had gotten with people and with the wrong group and someone thought that she was a snitch, but finally she came home," Sandy said.

Sandy Goldman says if she'd known just how scared her daughter was when she came to and disappeared from the Goodwill, she never would have let her go alone.

"She had been home for two weeks, and she was ready to get clean. She hated herself that way. She didn't want to be that way." Sandy said she believes it was her honestly about Maranda's past that kept Pine Bluff Police from declaring her missing and getting outside agencies involved. "I think if I had just said she disappeared, or kidnapped, the FBI would have been called in, or the state troopers would have been called in,” their resources and expertise, Sandy told us, may bring closure and justice to their family.

Captain Terry Hopson has worked Maranda's case since her disappearance. We stopped by his office Wednesday, where he told us, his office has involved federal, state and local law enforcement.

"We've been in contact with several outside agencies and had them involved. We didn't like turn the file completely over to another agency, but we've gotten assistance from all those and other agencies,” Hopson said, adding his office would appreciate any outside help that could be offered, and haven't ruled out calling an outside agency in the future.

For now, both family and law enforcement are focused on the anonymous tip that led police to Maranda's body. The person who called it in knew exactly where police could find her.

"There's no doubt that whoever called and led us to that knows exactly where we need to go next,” Hopson said finally.

Sandy Goldman knows nothing can bring her daughter back, but as a mother, she said, she has to know she did everything she could to catch Maranda’s killer.

"Two years has gone by. Anybody that has any information tying who did this to Maranda can come forward without fear of something happening to themselves," she said.

If you know what happened to Maranda Goldman, contact Pine Bluff Police. The family is offering a reward for information that leads to Maranda's killer.