NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark (KTHV) - Car break-ins are happening far too often in one Arkansas town. North Little Rock Police are calling on neighbors to help them help you.

Calls about break-ins are coming in just about every day, from all over the city. As of this morning, there were 31 incidents so far in this month.

Then, THV 11’s Brejamin Perkins got a call from Sgt. Brian Dedrick before the show, informing her another car break was reported today. Number 32 this month: an unlocked vehicle and stolen gun.

“We never imagined that they would break the windows out,” said Spencer Ragsdale, victim number 31.

"If there's nothing in them to take, then they can't take anything,” Sgt. Dedrick added.

For the past few months, his department has had to answer more breaking and entering calls than normal.

“As you can see in this column here, it has all of the unlocked vehicles. It shows the method of entry and you can see the number of unlocked vehicles,” said Dedrick as he scrolled through a spread sheet full of reports.

Police are urging residents to secure vehicles and remove all items before going inside.

“We're through December 13th on this spread sheet. We've had 31 this month,” he said.

About 15 cars broken into so far this month have been unlocked. The other half are logged as broken windows or other methods of forced entry.

“There's always cases where they're going to knock the window out or get into that vehicle one way or another,” said Dedrick.

The incidents are wide spread in areas all over the city.

Ragsdale's car was broken into just last night, as well as his neighbor's.

“When we made contact with the owners, three guns were stolen out of those vehicles,” Dedrick said.

“All I could say was wow. I've known them to check doors but never break windows and stuff like that. They caused a lot of damage,” said Ragsdale.

Stolen items like guns pose risks for increased crime here and in surrounding cities. Make protecting yourself and valuables a priority.

"In some cases, thousands of dollars in merchandise is stolen. And a lot that we never recover,” Dedrick said.

About a month ago, North Little Rock Police started a new program called the 9pm Routine where an officer posts on social media every night at 9 o'clock reminding everyone to go outside, secure their vehicles and make sure nothing is left.

It's something they hope will help deter crime.