SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. -- A Maryland man posting to a a county-wide public Facebook resale page was not your average person looking to sell a used hutch or an old motorcycle jacket.

Sarasota County Sheriff's Office posted a screengrab of Julian Bradson's post on the Englewood/Venice/North Port Resale where he boasted to sell "Top quality weeds [sic]." He posted that he has 15 strains of the plant and had pictures to prove it.

SCSO deputies took exception with Bradson's entrepreneurial zeal and invited Bradson down to headquarters to receive papers to go along with what he's selling. It's not rolling papers but arrest affidavits.

A look at Bradson's Facebook page has a picture of him holding what appears to be a large plastic bag filled with marijuana. He also claims to be the founder and CEO of "Green Therapy," but the related link is to a holistic healing company in Finland.

It is unclear what Bradson's motives were by posting on the Florida Facebook page but Sarasota deputies are awaiting to hear back from him to "learn more about " his supply.