HOUSTON - It wasn't the welcome home this Vietnam veteran and his wife were hoping for on their move back to Texas.

Saturday morning, Wayne and Robin Gentry woke up at her mom's apartment in South Houston and noticed their moving trailer had been stolen.

"What's frustrating for me is not the material stuff, but what I'm worried about is all the identity, social security and all my military records," said Wayne Gentry.

The grandfather served in Vietnam and was looking forward to coming back to Texas.

"It's funny when I crossed the state line, it felt like I was home," he said.

It's where he was once stationed and met his wife.

"The hard part is knowing we have to start all over again, we can't replace the stuff, the memorabilia," said Robin Gentry, his wife.

They lost personal keepsakes they thought a good lock would protect. They're now hoping someone hears their story and has the heart to give it back.

"I forgive you for what you did, it doesn't bother me, but if you could return my personal paperwork, I'd appreciate it. You can have everything else but I would love to have that back," said Wayne.

The couple filed a report with Houston Police and it was insured. They're just hoping someone out there will call investigators if they notice the North Carolina plate.