ATLANTA - What better way to soothe the psyches of stranded passengers than by filling them with pizza?

Delta Airlines ordered 450 pizzas to feed customers who were stranded by the violent weather that roared through the south Wednesday, figuring it would ease their frustration... and likely, lessen complaints. Delta tells the Atlanta Journal Constitution that the pies were delivered to airports in Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Ohio, and Kentucky who had the majority of weather-related cancelations.

“We know it’s not fun to be stuck on the ground somewhere,” Delta corporate communications manager Michael Thomas told the newspaper.

Delta says in Panama City, Florida, Delta employees ordered 60 pizzas and 20 trays of chicken biscuits to feed well over 300 customers. Those stranded at the Nashville International Airport received 160 pizzas, plus 60 foot-long subs.

“It’s just a small gesture but it’s one that our customers do appreciate,” Thomas said.