True friends never give up on each other.

This lesson in friendship is presented by Humberto, from Westminster, and Buddy, his loyal, four-legged best friend.

Buddy and Humberto are the best of pals. But, for the past year, instead of playing or giving belly rubs or taking a long walk in the park together, Humberto has been searching for Buddy.

Arvada Police say Buddy was taken from his yard in Westminster last April. For nearly a year, Humberto has been faithfully searching for Buddy. He's created flyers and posted Craig's List "Lost and Found" postings.

Then, Sunday night, something wonderful happened.

Animal control officers in Arvada responded to a dog wandering near Memorial Park. Officers brought the pup in to headquarters, where Officer Kelly decided instead of taking Buddy straight to Foothills Animal Shelter, she should check Craig's List.

The only listing she found had been up for a long time, but she decided to call on it anyway.

Just days before, Humberto had re-published his lost and found posting for Buddy. He had never given up on his friend.

Thanks to that perseverance and friendship, as of Monday, the happy pair have reunited.



Arvada Police wrote, "Sometimes we are rewarded for our perseverance."

And sometimes we do get to report on "good news."