SAINT PAUL, Minn - Dog owners often wonder what their pets would say if they could talk.

While some dogs might comment on their favorite couch in the living room, or their favorite dog toy, Shirley Pierce's 3-year-old Shih Tzu, Beau, would have quite a bit more to say.

"I just wonder where he's all been," Pierce says.

You see, Beau has been away from home for a while.

"I haven't seen him in over a year," Pierce explains.

It was August of 2016 when Pierce last saw Beau. She says he was tied up to his leash in the backyard, behind a fence. Somehow, he got away.

"I think it was some of the neighborhood kids who took him out to play with him," Pierce says.

Frantic to find her dog, Pierce posted missing dog reports on several websites, and even called the police.

Her efforts to find Beau even led her to St. Cloud when some saw a white Shih Tzu wandering the neighborhood.

"I got there and it wasn't him," Pierce says.

Nearly 14 months passed with no sign of Beau. Pierce wondered if she would ever see him again.

You can imagine her surprise when she got a phone call Tuesday afternoon that someone had finally found him.

"I got so nervous," Pierce says. "I immediately jumped up and left work and I thought, oh, I better tell my boss I'm leaving."

She quickly sped off to Cathedral Hill Montessori School in St. Paul, where Beau was waiting for her. He quickly became a favorite among staff and students.

"They just wanted to pet the dog and see how it was doing," Molly Hoyt says.

Hoyt came across Beau Tuesday morning during her daily walk to work. She noticed something dart out in front of her and soon realized it was a dog.

"I ran across traffic to get it, because I realized it was a dog and it was so tiny that no one would have seen it," Hoyt says.

She grabbed the dog just in the knick of time. Hoyt says he was heading towards I-94.

"I carried this dog for a mile, because I didn't want to set it down," Hoyt laughs.

She was surprised to see the dog had no leash, and no collar. However, when she got to work, co-workers discovered an ID chip.

Staff members made a few calls and searched the internet. Eventually they found Shirley.

They knew it was her the minute she walked through their doors. Shirley was grinning from ear to ear and immediately asked for her beloved "Beau Beau."

"It was just a beautiful moment," Hoyt recalls. "It was one of those hallmark moments you see on the internet that is so perfect that makes you wonder if they're real."

Beau didn't seem to recognize his owner at first. He carefully walked towards her, but from the moment she picked him up, his tail never stopped wagging.

"I prayed that I would find him," Pierce says. "I just thankful to god that I got him back."

Now that Beau has been found, the question remains, where has he been all this time?

KARE-11 News has recently learned the dog was living with another family in the Twin Cities that didn't know he was missing.

It's still a mystery where Beau was living before then.

"I'm just so glad I had him chipped, so that I could find him again," Pierce says.

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