PULLMAN, Wash. – Students at Washington State University are expressing their anger and concern after a racist video involving students was posted to the Facebook page “The Ultra Meme Lord.”

The video was posted on April 26, but was removed from the page early Thursday morning.

A woman named Tyisha Brown El posted the video to her Facebook page saying, "Here's the video for people who haven't seen it. #WSUCommunity."

WARNING: This video contains graphic language and may be extremely offensive to some.

The video showed a white male student in a verbal altercation with black female students. The male student in the video is seen making comments to the female students based on their skin color. The female students respond saying "White men are the biggest terrorists in America."

The video also includes racial slurs and text saying "Maybe you should back to Africa."

WSU students took to Twitter to directly express their frustration and request the university take action.

WSU’s President, Kirk Schulz, responded on Twitter condemning the video. He assured students the university is investigating and will hold the person who made the video accountable.