LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - With the school year starting, it's easy to get anxiety.

But how do you help children manage worries and have a successful start to the school year?

Here's a Back to School Checklist for parents:

  • Take your own temperature to make sure you’re not passing on stress to your kids
  • Listen to worries and acknowledge your child’s feelings
  • Do some test runs to get familiar with a new routine
  • Let someone know if your child needs extra support to make a successful transition
  • When separation problems persist give specific praise for brave behavior
  • Stomachaches and headaches can be caused by anxiety, so the most important thing a parent can do is investigate what might be causing the anxiety.
  • Limit media time
  • Make sure your child is not over scheduling themselves

Kids and teens deal with cyber-bullying, neglect, drug exposure, and more. Some young people may not have the tools that they need to effectively handle certain emotions. There's the 2017 Back to School Toolkit that aims to increase emotional intelligence and self-regulation.

For a downloadable Back to School Checklist for Parents and Advocates, click here.