DANVILLE, Ark. (KTHV) - Nearly 200 students stayed home sick in Danville on Jan. 11 as part of an outbreak of the flu and other illnesses.

Since nearly 20 percent of students were out sick, the school district canceled classes for Friday.

"It’s the first time I’ve been in a district we’ve let out because of illnesses," said Danville Superintendent Gregg Grant.

This flu season, 20,325 cases have been reported statewide with 240 of those in Yell County.

"Bottom line, it was affecting education," said Grant.

"That’s very unusual for the school to close down, that’s a lot of cases," said Dr. Karl Sandberg at Chambers Memorial Hospital.

However, It's not just the flu keeping children out of school.

“Other viral illnesses that don’t test positive for the flu, but sure act a lot like them," said Dr. Sandberg.

Dr. Sandberg has seen patients test positive for Flu A and B, many who had the flu shot.

"It turns out the flu shots have not been very effective this year," said Dr. Sandberg.

Hoping this three day weekend will keep the flu from spreading more, the school is fighting off the germs.

“We completely disinfected all the desks chairs, door handles, counter tops Wednesday night, we’re going to do it over the weekend again, we're disinfecting all our buses today," said Grant.

Students were given an Alternative Method of Instruction packet they're expected to turn in Jan. 15. Flu numbers are being watched over the weekend, but Danville schools are set to resume classes Monday, Jan. 15.

Ozark schools also closed Friday, Jan. 12.