NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — Those wanting to grow or sell medical marijuana are dealing with serious competition and now they're waiting to hear who will be chosen. Meanwhile, other businesses are already planning to be a part of the new medical marijuana industry in Arkansas.

From transportation, security, cash handling and testing labs, there are countless businesses that are forming or switching focuses to contribute.

Planted in North Little Rock for 22 years, Fermentables and Homegrown Hobbies is a popular spot for beer and wine-making supplies. Thirteen years ago, they began selling indoor gardening products.

"Which eventually led to indoor gardening products about 13 years ago," owner Bike Byrum said.

Byrum sells everything you need to grow plants indoors.

"It certainly would be a one stop shop," Byrum said.

Now he wants to take on a new task to help people grow legal marijuana.

"We have a lot of experience gardening indoors and want to help patients get the medicine they need," Byrum said.

Byrum plans to work with dispensaries who want to grow smaller operations. While its new here, Byrum believes it's not much different than growing any other plant.

"Medical marijuana has to be a very clean product so no pesticide, residue, heavy metals, and minerals in the final product will be tested for, so it's going to be grown very carefully, professional, really like in a pharmaceutical type environment," Byrum said.

Marijuana is expected to be available to patients later this year.