Note: This story contains graphic descriptions of violence that may be upsetting to some readers.

NAMPA -- A man accused of brutally murdering his parents in their Nampa home last month has been extradited back to Idaho to face charges.

William "Willy" Paul Taylor, 48, is charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of failure to notify of a death.

The decomposed bodies of the victims, 76-year-old Paul Robert Taylor and 77-year-old victims Mary Jane "Jane" Taylor, were discovered Sept. 14, although investigators believe they died days earlier.

The bodies were found hidden inside a shed at the couple's home at 1907 Flamingo Road, according to police. Jane Taylor's remains had been wrapped up in a tarp secured with duct tape.

Autopsies revealed that Paul Taylor had been beaten and strangled, leaving him with massive skull fractures and a broken bone in his throat. Jane Taylor had been stabbed 10 times in the neck and beaten in the head and face with some sort of blunt object. Her throat had also been slashed, according to investigators.

According to court documents, a citizen noticed a foul smell coming from the shed on the Taylors' property. The person alerted relatives, who opened the shed door to spot what appeared to be a human body, and immediately called police.

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Police say they found drag marks from the house to the shed, where both bodies were found. Taylor, who lived with his parents, was gone, along with the victims' silver Dodge pickup truck.

The suspect and the the pickup were found at a rest stop near Terrebonne, Oregon that night. Police say he had switched the truck's license plates with plates stolen off a sedan north of Portland.

Taylor denied killing his parents, telling deputies in Oregon that he had discovered them dead inside the house. He said he had been drinking and "was afraid and didn't know what to do after he found his parents, so he took his dad's truck and left," according to court documents.

During the interview, deputies noticed what appeared to be blood on Taylor's shoes. He admitted it was blood, and said that after finding his parents, he had attempted to "clean them up" and then "roll them up and move them."

Taylor said he had found his mother dead in his bedroom, while his father was dead in his own bed in the master bedroom.

Investigators told Taylor he was a suspect in the killings, and asked whether he had anything else to say about what happened to his parents.

"I don't think I should say anything else without a lawyer, or until I sober up," he responded, according to court documents.

Nampa Police obtained a search warrant for the Flamingo Road home Sept. 15. Inside, they found a large pool of blood in the suspect's room, and more blood on the floor and walls of his parents' master bedroom.

Investigators also found trails of blood and drag marks inside the house, as well as evidence that the patio had been recently washed off with a hose.

Inside a trash can on the patio, searchers found a bloody pillow and towels, tarps, a metal piece to a door frame lock and a gray T-shirt that was the same size and had similar graphics to shirts found in Taylor's bedroom.

Police also found two handwritten lists inside Taylor's bedroom, one of which contained the items "Shave, Shower, City Council, Crime."

A neighbor, who attended church with the victims, told police that Taylor had informed her on Saturday, Sept. 9 that his parents would be unable to take her to church that Sunday because they were out of town. She reported seeing him drive away in the Dodge pickup on the 11th, two days later.

The victims' daughter also said Taylor had called her Sept. 9, telling her their parents were on a trip to the Oregon Coast, and did not have good cell phone coverage. Another acquaintance reported hearing from Taylor Sept. 8, when the suspect announced that he would be moving his small dog into his parents' home.

The person told police he thought that was "strange," because Taylor and his parents had had issues before over the victims not wanting pets in their house.

Taylor was caught on surveillance video Sept. 10 and 11 at multiple stores in Nampa buying items including duct tape, a scrub brush, cleaning supplies, trash bags and a brass padlock. Police also learned the suspect had used his parents' credit cards to buy gas multiple times in Oregon.

Taylor was transferred from Oregon to the Canyon County Jail Wednesday, and remains held on a $1 million bond. He is due in court Oct. 19 for a preliminary hearing.

If convicted of first-degree murder, Taylor could face up to life in prison or the death penalty.