The Nampa Police Department is using social media to push its latest campaign the 9PM Routine.

The PSA is meant to help people avoid becoming victims of crime by teaching people to develop the habit of locking doors and keeping valuables out of sight.

"It's a crime of opportunity, so when people are out and about and they see an unlocked door they might want to look through it and see if there's anything worth taking however small or invaluable it might seem,” Jones said.

To reach more people, NPD is using humor and social media.

"If it's just a boring lecture of lock your doors or take your valuables it might get blown over," NPD Sgt. Brian Jones said.

So they created memes featuring members of the police department.

"If they see you know a six foot six sergeant with a mickey mouse watch they're going to find that more humorous and might look into it more to see what it is," he said.

Jones said social media has become a crucial tool for police work and using it the way they are with this PSA helps creating a positive relationship with the community.

"It's just been great working for a department where we can kind show our true colors and that we're people and like to have fun too versus the stern serious police officers that are out there to get people in trouble," he said.

The 9PM Routine started in Pasco County Florida and is used around the country.