What colors do you see?

That’s right! We have another color debate making the rounds online.

Take a look at the Nike outfit.

Do two colors stand out to you?

Just like the great dress debate, many people are seeing different colors.

Some see turquoise and grey, while others argue it's pink and white. Pink and turquoise is another option for some.

While many people say they see teal and gray, the actual colors are pink and white.

Here at WKYC, the majority of our morning staff see teal and gray, while anchor John Anderson said he clearly sees pink and white.

The woman who posted the photo on Facebook said the lighting from when the photo was taken has created the teal / gray illusion for many people.

In a Facebook poll we conducted Wednesday morning, an overwhelming majority of our viewers see turquoise and grey.

NOTE: Voting in the poll has closed.