LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- All it takes is one set of eyes, one open heart, and one willing family to make a child's dreams come true. In foster care most of his life, Ryan is hoping this segment does just that.

Through THV11's partnership with the Arkansas Department of Human Services, it was an afternoon of play, with one goal in mind.

It was a quick spin around the track. 15-year-old Ryan barely stops smiling. He’s never without a grin, really. Until THV’s Dawn Scott hits the curb! Even then, Ryan knows all too well about the bumps in the road of life.

“I think about getting adopted and all the things that will be happening then,” Ryan said.

He’s great at gaming. In fact, he won at basketball, air hockey, beaming each time. Still, for Ryan, those nagging thoughts are constant. When will I be adopted? Who will come for me?

Michelle Mallett is his DHS case worker.

“Ryan is a very sweet child, he’s very loving, he likes to hug,” Mallett shared. “He wants people to be proud of him. He expects praise, he encourages it actually in the way he acts and reacts.”

Mallett has known Ryan for many years, since he’s been in and out of foster care since he was a child.

“He’s been in foster homes, but mostly group homes and residential facilities,” Mallett said. “He has bad days, but overall he stays positive.”

That’s easy to see, with his constant smile. While at school, Ryan says he loves math and P.E., but it’s clear at the Big Rock Fun Park, he is a gaming wizard, winning many tickets to cash in.

He now hopes he wins a family to give him a place to call home.

“To be adopted and to have a good home that takes care of me and always loves me,” Ryan said. “I don’t really care, as long as I have a home to go to.”

“He craves that, that’s what he asks for anytime we discuss what he wants or what he’s looking for,” Mallett said. “It’s a home, a family, a place to be wanted and included, and I don’t think he grows out of that.”

Thanks to Big Rock Fun Park for all the tokens. Ryan scored a ton of tickets and walked away with some headphones!

If you would like more on Ryan or any child up for adoption, click on the Arkansas Department of Human Services adoption website. Check out Dawn Scott's blog here.