They say dogs are a man's best friend, but in this case it's a horse.

Lawrence Ferguson is on a journey to find work on a ranch in San Angelo, Texas.

Sounds normal. People look for new jobs every day. But here's where Ferguson is an anomaly -- he has no money, no car, no belongings to take with him on his journey -- just his horse named Leon, a gray Gildan.

Ferguson was a chicken farmer eight miles from Fayetteville, Arkansas when he lost his work contract. It was at that moment in time that decided to pursue something he'd been dreaming about -- becoming a cowboy.

"I always used to get papers out of West Texas and they'd talk about those big ranches out there in Texas," Ferguson said. "And like I said I always wanted to be a cowboy."

He says he used to read "Livestock Weekly" from front to back and it would talk about the ranch life and being a cowboy.

Leaving behind siblings and his mother and father, Ferguson says this was his father's dream and it's become his now too.

He's been riding for about eight days.

"Ride during the day, rest at night," Ferguson said.

He says the ride has been smooth so far, he got caught in one storm but someone picked him up and gave him a place to stay for the night and he was on his way the next morning.

Along the way Ferguson has stopped to rest and grab a bite to eat for him and Leon but it's all thanks to the help and kindness of others that he's been able to make it as far as he has.

People along the way have offered him a roof over his head to rest, free meals, some have even offered to shoe his horse Leon.

He's in Crowder, Oklahoma right now staying at a campground for a few days of rest. This is also where he met Robin Drake Burge.

Burge took to Facebook to talk about her encounter with Ferguson and it has quickly spread across social media.

"I feel very blessed for being able to spend some time visiting with him," Burge wrote. "And I have so much admiration for him for having the courage to follow his dream."

People in nearby areas are all aware that Ferguson is riding out his dream and it's all thanks to Facebook.

Facebook user, Holly Harris also posted to spread the word about Ferguson's journey.

"People have been so kind, I never imagined," he said."It's been real nice, I just couldn't believe how nice people were really."

Ferguson says this has been quite the dream for him and it's all thanks to people's generosity.

Burge has been visiting Ferguson while he's resting at the Crowder Campground and she was able to facilitate a video chat between him and WFAA.

She has been on Facebook posting updates throughout his stay there.

Ferguson says he has been inspired to continue on his journey thanks to a young girl he had visit him from Oklahoma City which is 140 miles from Crowder.

The 13-year-old, her grandmother and great- grandmother made the trip to visit him after seeing a post on social media.

Ferguson said the girl dreams of becoming an artist and wanted to come down and draw a picture of his horse Leon. On the back of the picture she drew, she left him with this message:

"Lawrence (I hope I spelled that right), I hope that you get to where you want to go safely: You are a kind and lovely person and I'm glad you're following your dreams. You are an inspiration, and you have inspired me to continue to chase my dream of becoming an artist. I hope you like the drawing and the note. Carry on! - Chloe; A 13 year old artist from Oklahoma City."

Ferguson says it's inspiring for her, but really it's inspiring for him that she took the time to do that.

According to our calculations, Ferguson should be passing through Dallas depending on the route he takes. With no way to contact him via email or through the phone, Ferguson's journey will have to continue online through the help of others posting about their encounters with him.

He says if he ever decides to get a phone or on social media he will be certainly to give us a call. He hopes to reach San Angelo in a month.

"I put my phone down when I left and figured I wouldn't even need it, Ferguson said.

Good luck out there, Ferguson -- we're rooting for you!