LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - For children who are up for adoption, hope never fades that a family will find them and bring them home. Teenage siblings, Timarcus and Elisha, have been waiting 5 years for that to happen. Through THV11's partnership with the Arkansas Department of Human Services, we took Timarcus and Elisha out for a night of bowling.

14-year old Timarcus sent the ball flying down lane, hoping for a strike. After a few pins fell, his 16-year old sister Elisha gave it a whirl. Dawn was looking for a strike too, but Timarcus asked for her turns. As the trio bowled, both siblings shared what they hope to find in a family.

"That's nice, respectful, let’s me do what I want, but at the same time when it comes down to doing something bad, punishes," Timarcus said.

Timarcus clarified, agreeing that he needed to be kept in line by a family. Timarcus understands that having a family means being held accountable for actions, both good and bad. Elisha, the quieter of the two, shrugged her shoulders when asked what she wants.

"We talk about it and she wants the same thing I want in a family,” Timarcus shared. “But then again she don't like dogs."

Opening up to strangers is hard, especially when you've been in foster care for five years. DHS supervisor Zedralyn Butler has known them the entire time though. She said it’s tough to find a proper family now that Elisha and Timarcus are growing up.

"Once you get older, in your teenage years, you automatically feel defeated because no one wants a teenager at all,” Butler said. “Everyone wants a baby, thinking they can mold a baby, but with children even in an older age range, it's just as detrimental, it’s just as important for them to feel wanted and accepted."

Until they find their forever home, they will always have each other and on this day, a strike for both!

"You always have that sense of hope, because that is our goal," Butler shared. “They deserve all the happiness in the world, they do."

Both are typical teens, making good grades in school and enjoying the simple things in life. Timarcus loves football while Elisha loves to shop and be with her friends. Something they will continue to hope they can share with a family in their forever home.

Thanks to Professor Bowl for the fun afternoon. If you'd like more about these two, or any state foster child up for adoption, log on to the Arkansas Department of Human Services adoption website.