LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- November is national adoption month.

The leaders here in Arkansas, when it comes to foster care and finding forever homes, are using a film to tell the stories of the kids in the system.

DHS and partners Project Zero presented Fostering Hope Through Film at the Ron Robinson theater. They describe it as a set of emotional and powerful stories, told through a series of short films about kids looking to be adopted.

Advocates say hearing their voices is key.

“Whenever you see a name. Whenever you see them hugging on their siblings and just saying things like I want a mom. I want a dad. I just want somebody to feed me. Whenever you really hear that voice it really brings out who they are,” said Dawn Bailey, an adoptive mother.

Bailey said it was a powerful video in the THV11 segment A Place to Call Home that spurred her and her husband into adopting their son.