LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) - After public opposition on a proposal to temporarily ban "violent" music in Pulaski County, the Pulaski County Quorum Court amended the resolution to remove the ban before passing it.

The resolution, proposed by Justice Judy Green, originally put a six month ban on artists that incite violence. The proposal would have blocked artists that encourage violence not only in their lyrics but those who post on social media as well.

But the amendment removed the six month ban, instead encouraging municipal, civic, and county leaders to "facilitate civil discourse among their residents, promote the engagement of youth in democratic institutions, and reform policies and activities to engage all in positive actions of empowerment and improvement of community."

Willie Davis works with the OK Program, which helps to mentor kids in Little Rock. He was in support of the original resolution because he thinks it would help cut down on the violence in the city.

"We got fortunate this time," Davis said. "25 people got shot, no one died. That's this time. How do we keep this from happening? We've got to address it."

Davis claimed that current rap music is "spewing out dangerous lyrics."

"[It's] telling our kids how to carry guns, what to drink, how to mistreat women, that's crossing the line," he said.

James Snyder with the Metroplex in Little Rock said he gets the idea behind the measure, but doesn't think it can be enforced

"I don't think it's a unrealistic goal and I think it's the wrong place to start," Snyder said.

Green said she's not trying to ban concerts, but she wants venue owners to start looking on social media and listening to the music before they book acts. She believes business owners should be held liable when violence breaks out

"We're responsible business operators and we need to pay attention to who comes to our market, but that's why we have security officers, that's why we hire off duty officers, that's why we do the pat downs," Snyder said.

Green said her main goal with this resolution is to enforce laws that are already in place. Laws such as patrons showing identification, having valid security officers, and keeping alcohol and business licenses current.