SHERWOOD, Ark. (KTHV) – People in Sherwood and Jacksonville will now be able to vote on whether restaurants in parts of their city can serve alcohol by the glass.

Both city councils voted Thursday to hold a special election on November 14. People who live within the Gray 56 township can vote on whether or not their city can go wet.

For Jacksonville citizen Gary Price, he said not having the options to occasionally buy himself a drink is frustrating.

“You can’t go into a restaurant before you call them and say ‘Hey, do you all serve alcohol?” Price said.

Price said the city council’s decision to leave it up to citizens is the right idea.

"It's great. People should speak. Whatever we want, [the city] should do," he said.

Attorney Stephen Cobb said in Sherwood the dry parts start from Maryland North, all the way to city limits. He is also familiar with both towns alcohol laws.


"This is limited to on premise consumption only. Has nothing to do with liquor stores,” Cobb said.

He said both towns voted to go dry back in 1950s, creating the Gray 56 township.

"The voters. It gives them the opportunity to decide for themselves if they want to stay under a law that's 70 years old or they want to give that area a chance for better economic development and move forward," Cobb said.

Moving forward is something many citizens in both towns would soon like to see.

"Hopefully this will allow people to make their own choice," Price said.

Cobb agrees.

“We just think it’s going to be an economic boom out for everybody this way,” Cobb said.

Both Sherwood and Jacksonville city councils set up their own separate elections for November 14. The two elections could end up with separate results.